The sherocksabun Thai Pashmina Collection

I’m proud to present the sherocksabun Thai Pashmina Collection!

This collection was created to answer to a genuine necessity. No matter who or where we are, we tend to need to carry a few small items with us at all times. Hence, along came the infinity scarf with a zippered pocket. There are several color varieties, but keep in mind: each piece is unique, and there are only a few of each for sale!

Where it all began

I’ve always loved colorful vibrant Asian cultures. I grew up in the Middle East, surrounded by multinationals from every nook of the world. There was always something magical about visiting the souks – the colors, the smells, the spices.

A little later in life, I fell in love with Bollywood, drawn to mystical India. And then Buddhism and Thailand. Colors everywhere, floral prints, serenity and a sense of living life to the fullest every moment.

If you take a look at the colors that fill the Western world and compare them to the colors that dominate Asian cultures, they’re worlds apart. Having been brought up a citizen of the world, living in eight different countries and traveling the world, I’ve always wanted to create my own unified little magic. Bringing together the best of the globe.


I traveled to Thailand for the first time in the spring of 2009. It was a spur of the moment, last-minute holiday. A few days earlier, my boss called and asked if I could possibly take out my summer holidays Asap, as she was struggling to fulfill everyone’s wishes for the coming breaks. I agreed, googled flights to Goa, India, but couldn’t find anything that would be a perfect match for my available dates. So I booked flights to Bangkok instead, packed my pull-along full of bikinis and headed to the airport. It was a life-altering journey. Not only did I fall in love with Thailand, but I also fell in love with someone significant whom I ended up sharing a decade of my life with.

During that first trip to Thailand, I spent most of my time beneath the surface scuba diving. My original itinerary of exploring the country in a whim was cut down to spending some time in Bangkok, Phuket and the PhiPhi islands. Which was also already a lot for my brief stay. I had plans for all kinds of shopping and souvenirs, but diving most of the days altered those plans. Ten days later as I headed back with my very light suitcase, the only additions were coconut candles and a few Thai Pashmina scarves.

Since that first brief visit, I’ve returned to the Kingdom dozens of times. I worked for a while as a snorkel guide, got married on the beach and watched my first born take her first steps in Thailand. It’s a beautiful place, true to it’s slogan, Amazing Thailand.

Thai Pashmina

Every single time I’ve traveled from Thailand, I’ve always brought back Thai Pashmina scarves with me. Scouring the markets to find unique patterns, wild colors, simply beautiful accessories to complement my and my loved ones’ wardrobes.

It wasn’t however until my last visit in December 2018, when everything changed. I returned back to Finland and a few days before New Year’s Eve I received a genuine epiphany: My sister introduced me to a new idea, and the wheels started churning. Come the first days of 2019 and I was writing up my business plan. This little light bulb was too good not to share with the world.

And that’s where the story of the sherocksabun Thai Pashmina collection began.

An infinity scarf with a zippered pocket

I’m a huge fan of pockets and a huge fan of scarves. With my previous work, it was important that I carry my phone with me at all times, but carrying a purse was not possible. Hence I ended up wearing hoodies and jackets with pockets all the time. My wardrobe shrunk to a fifth of it’s potential in regards to work wear – so many beautiful, comfortable blouses and dresses hung unused, because they simply didn’t meet my needs. Stuffing a smart phone into the back pocket of my jeans was a no-no for me – it wouldn’t have been a long-lived phone if I did that. My job entailed a lot of altering between sitting and standing, and well, sitting on a phone, well that won’t end well.

So how did I brighten up my boring sweatshirt-jeans outfit? With scarves. Thai Pahsmina scarves to be more precise. They brought color, alternation, life, to my outfit.

When my sister introduced me to the concept of having a pocket embedded in a scarf, I was sold. And with a wardrobe full of beautiful Thai Pashmina scarves from all my travels, I began to explore, sew and test different models. The markets were scoured again for the most beautiful and extravagant pieces to match every liking, and the sherocksabun Thai Pashmina collection was created.

Every piece is unique

Every Thai Pashmina scarf I sew is unique. I don’t stock them in multiples of the exact same pattern or print, at its most, I may have a dozen of the same fabric. There are similarities between many of them, but they are all still individual, handcrafted pieces of art that are meant to be worn, to rock any outfit, any life situation, any style.

Choose your style and your preferred color, and I’ll create a unique, beautiful handmade accessory to compliment your wardrobe. All orders will be processed and made in order of purchase, and my goal is to create and ship worldwide within three business days.

So head on over to the shop and enjoy!