Cooling scarf

Presenting the multiuse cooling scarf!

The cooling scarves are handmade in Finland of 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, depending on the print and chosen fabric. The scarves are filled with environmentally safe polycrystals, which expand once soaked in water.

Simply place your scarf in clean water for approximately 15 minutes to allow for the crystals to absorb water and expand. (The first times the scarf is used, it may take up to 30-45 minutes for the crystals to become fully activated, but please follow as you want to avoid over-hydrating the crystals.) The crystals will form a smooth, gel-like substance, which should be manually distributed evenly across the scarf. Gently wring out excessive water and wrap the scarf around your neck for an instant cooling effect. The water in the crystals will slowly evaporate, which is what creates the cooling effect. When placed around the neck, it will cool your entire body, as the scarf cools your carotid arteries. The scarf can provide a cooling effect for several days at a time. The fabric may begin to feel warm against your skin, simply rotate it slightly or readjust the gel to allow for another area of the crystals to come close to your skin and the cooling effect will continue.   

Not only will the scarf cool your body, it can aid in providing relief for headaches when wrapped across your forehead.

When you’re not wearing the scarf, hang it to dry in the shade, and the crystals will return to their original state in a matter of days.

The scarf can also be used as an icepack:

Activate the crystals as you would normally by submerging the scarf in water for around 15 minutes, and then place it in the freezer until ready for use. When removed from the freezer, gently unravel and kneed the wrap so it becomes flexible again.   

The scarf can be reused for several years, the crystals will continue to absorb and evaporate water for at least 5 years.

Though the crystals are environmentally safe and non-toxic, it should be noted, that due to their immense expansion capability, they should not be digested! You can place the scarf in water several times during a day if you feel the necessity to but avoid oversoaking it. If the scarf is hydrated to a maximum or wringed vigorously, some gel may ooze through the fabric, feeling slightly sticky or even slimy. The gel is completely harmless and should simply be wiped off with a paper towel in such cases. By oversoaking the scarf there is also a risk of busting the seams. In case the scarf was to tear, note that the gel/crystals when wet become extremely slippery and should be wiped up immediately.

Please consider when using on children or pets, though the crystals are non-toxic, and the scarf is safe to use as such, in case the crystals are swallowed or inhaled, they could create a serious health hazard!

Hand wash only.

Most scarves come in the “normal” size, a few are slightly shorter, see below:

Normal: Approximately 90-100cm x 5cm

Small: Approximately 69-75cm (suitable for a snugger fit around the neck or for younger children)

Cooling area: approx. 33-36cm x 5cm

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