White chocolate quick and easy treats

White chocolate treats

Keeping things simple is definitely not a norm for me. However, sometimes, if not more than often, keeping it simple is the best way to go! I made these adorable white chocolate eggs last Easter, and considering the season, they popped into mind again. Now I have to say this is definitely not an original idea by me, but I have no idea who to give the credit to for coming up with such a genius, quick and adorable treat.

Preparing these white chocolate treats requires about 2 minutes and another 10 minutes in the fridge to settle prior serving! (Allowing them to set for a longer period in the cold, hours – overnight, is always better, but they will be good to eat in a short time also.)

What you need for preparing these lovelies:
  • a microwave oven or stove top
  • parchment paper
  • a spoon
  • white chocolate
  • relatively large orange or yellow chocolate coated candy.

Just keep in mind that unless you temper the chocolate, they will melt quite a lot quicker than if tempered. Tempering chocolate is not nearly as difficult as a lot of beginner bakers fear, but sometimes I too cut corners – especially if I know the treats will be devoured in a matter of minutes anyway!

When I say super easy, these were made by my five-year-old! Albeit I assisted her in the kitchen as our microwave is set on a shelf quite high up. Considering though that you do not want to overheat or burn the chocolate, temperatures won’t be very high either. I still recommend that an adult watches over and assists if necessary. Oh and it might get a bit messy and sticky..

White chocolate
White chocolate eggs prepared by my 5 year old

Melt the white chocolate, spoon puddles onto the parchment paper, add your “yolk” and place them in the fridge to set. And voila, you have yourself an adorable and delicious treat bound to bring a smile on everyone’s face! Enjoy!

White chocolate eggs on a pan
White chocolate treats


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