The world needs strong women

The world needs strong women (and coffee)


So this is it! I’ve contemplated on starting a blog for years, but never got around to actually doing it. Until today, I decided the time has come. If you’ve already taken a look at my introduction, you’ll know the basics about me, but here’s a bit more detail. The world needs strong women (and coffee), no joke.

I’m an unofficial single mother of three beautiful daughters. I say unofficial, as I am married, but my husband and I live on two separate continents. I live in Finland with our daughters and my husband lives in Thailand. We’re apart approximately ten months a year, so I know a thing or two about long-distance relationships and being a single mother. I first became a mother in 2012, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have such an incredible first-born. I had always hoped for twins, and to our great surprise, I ended up pregnant with twins when it was time for round two!

Crafting, sewing, and baking are all ways for me to relieve stress. Creativity is apparently an inherent trait and runs in the family. My mother is very creative and talented, just as my girls are too. Traveling is also in my blood! I’ve lived, studied and worked in eight different countries so far, and I’m a former flight attendant.

The world needs strong women (and coffee)

I’m old fashioned and conservative in many ways. I’m also quite naive at times, but I use it as a strength, not a weakness. I believe that women and men are very different, but I don’t see why we would not be entitled to the same rights. I’m not the kind of feminist you’ll see rioting about, that’s not me. I appreciate being treated like a lady, have the door held for me, brought flowers. I’m passionate about girly things and feeling feminine, and I will never allow myself to be considered part of a lesser gender.

I hold an MBA in international business management which I’m proud of. Never ever has it crossed my mind that I wouldn’t have been entitled to get a higher education. At least not based on my gender. But the world’s not always just, which is why it needs strong women. Strong women to support those who may not be able to speak for themselves, or even notice that there’s something wrong. Strong women also to teach appreciation and respect, regardless of gender.

I have yet to fully find out what my blog will be about exactly, but whatever it is that I write, be it venting about parenting or motherhood, sharing my crafts or baking, I hope you enjoy it!

And in case you missed it, I love coffee. And I rock a bun.

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  1. You have a new follower, I am a mom of two girls, all I need to make me happy is starting my day with a cup of coffee.

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