Yoga ball – magical for soothing a baby

A yoga ball has several benefits and uses for all, but especially for new parents! A yoga ball is incredible for soothing a fussy baby!

How to soothe a baby with a yoga ball. The best tip for new parentsA yoga ball

Soothing a fussy baby can be truly frustrating, but this trick is definitely worth a try! A yoga ball, stability ball, exercising ball, balance ball, birthing ball, etc. Whatever you like to call it, make sure you have one of these miracle workers at home!

As a mother of three, my all-time favorite tip for new parents is by far: Get a yoga ball! I also highly recommend to get one pretty early on in your pregnancy, here’s why: What most people don’t realize, is that a yoga ball can make a huge difference in so many ways. There’s the obvious use as exercise equipment. It’s great for a vigorous workout but also gentle exercise when you want to get back in to shape post-delivery. It can help fidgety people concentrate. It’s good for your back, posture and balance. It is also incredibly useful for expecting mothers and preparing for giving birth.  But it is magical for soothing a restless baby!


Pregnancy and giving birth

Pregnancy can literally be a pain in the back. Sitting, bouncing or rocking on a yoga ball can help ease the pain. While expecting our first born, I religiously attended a pregnancy yoga class. We were taught that all circles are good for both mother and baby, i.e., moving in a circular motion for example while sitting on a yoga ball. This helps relax tensed up pelvis muscles, and possibly even aid a breached baby getting into the correct position and place. If you’re pregnant, I warmly recommend to give it a try; sit on the ball and move your pelvis in circles on top of the ball. A lot of birthing hospitals also provide yoga balls to ease contraction pain.

Soothing a restless baby

The greatest benefit of a yoga ball, however, in my opinion, is it’s magical way of soothing a restless baby and helping the baby fall asleep.

A yoga ball has several benefits and uses for all, but especially for new parents! A yoga ball is incredible for soothing a fussy baby!

If the baby is fussy because of gas, this is your go-to trick.

Hold your baby upright leaning towards your shoulder, sit on the ball and bounce away (remember to steady the baby’s head!). Now we’ve tried this technique on a numerous amount of babies, both our own, and ones belonging to our friends and family, and so far, it has been a success every time. Oh and remember to have a burp cloth on your shoulder just in case.. Quite often, you can actually feel the gas bubbles move around inside your baby once you start bouncing, and the gas exits from one or the other end, providing a lot of relief for the fussy little one. Alternatively you can cradle your baby in your arms, and just like previously, start bouncing. Usually, within a matter of minutes, the baby will be fast asleep!

You do not need to bounce rigorously, even a gentle bounce will do the trick.

Yoga balls can be purchased in pretty much any sports store or larger store selling exercise equipment. They’re cheap, durable and extreme sanity saviors!  

So many mothers agree

I had my first baby in 2012, and was taught this trick by my own mother. When I sat down to share this tip, I did a bit of research. Turns out, the internet is on my side on this one. Want to read other mothers’ experience on soothing a baby with a yoga ball? Check out the post by Mama Instincts or watch the handy video at Wonder how to under parenting!

The American Pregnancy Assosication also recommends bouncing on a ball as one of the go-to tricks for soothing a baby! So go ahead, give it a try and soothe that little one to rest and go grab some much needed coffee. You’ve got this mama!

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    1. My youngest will be 3yrs in a couple of weeks and I still have 2 in the house! It’s supposed to be really good for your back and also work wonders for concentration!

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