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Hi, I’m Ida, the heart and soul behind sherocksabun! I’m a mother of three beautiful daughters, born in 2012 and twins in 2015. I’m from Finland, but I have traveled the world my entire life and lived in eight different countries. I speak Finnish, Swedish and English at home, which can get a bit confusing for some at times.

I love traveling, but also enjoy a “normal” life at home. I’m a strong believer in the power of a positive attitude and that we’re all entitled to be happy. I’m always up for a good laugh and try not to take life too seriously, situation comedy and self-irony are my good friends.

sherocksabun.com – What it’s all about

Sherocksabun is where you will find posts on all aspects of life, parenting and positive thinking. A lot of my posts are focused on the magical, yet at times, overwhelming journey of motherhood. I’m also a fanatic baker and love to craft!

My love for creating with my hands is the reason for why I set up my own handcraft company in 2019. My company has currently launched one product line, the sherocksabun Thai Pashmina collection, and plenty more will follow! To read more about the Thai Pashmina collection, click here and if you would like to explore the products directly, head straight to the shop!

I don’t have all the answers, nor should you consider my words sole truths. These are simply my opinions (and the occasional opinions of some wonderful guest writers)! However, you never know what all you can learn by simply observing your surroundings.

I’m a perfectionist in recovery and finally learning to accept that there is no such thing as “perfect”, a little rugged is actually so much better. All too often we fail to see the extra mile that we’re all capable of, in the end with very little effort, I might add. Self-confidence is not a given, but believing in yourself is one of the most powerful tools to rely on. I think that anyone who says that “one person cannot make a difference” has gotten life very wrong!

The world needs strong women (and a lot of coffee) to thrive!

I’m glad you came over, I hope you enjoy it! If I got you hooked, join my mailing list or follow me on twitter, InstagramFacebook or Pinterest!

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