July is all about Me and my family

July is all about me and my family #monthlyplans #family #motherhood #wellbeing #sherocksabun

Well hello July. I love summer, but oh my how quickly June rushed by! Yet another hectic month that just came and went! We had so many celebrations, appointments, places to be and things to do, my head is still spinning. July has a lot fewer fixed dates, but this month will probably be just as absurd. Or wait, maybe it’s just my life. Maybe I’m just in a stage of life where there are so many denominators that it doesn’t really make a difference what month it is.. Despite everything, July is going to be great.

This month will be all about me and my family. I could’ve said it’s about my family and I, but it’s not. It’s about me. And my family.

July is a month of big decisions and full-time stay at home mommying for me. The kids are on holiday all month and my husband will be at work. Perk though that he’ll be working in Finland, and even more so relatively close by, i.e. coming home for the evenings. Which is a pretty strange situation for us.

Highlights of last month

Last month was busy. The last day of school was on the first of June, and also marked the beginning of my summer holiday. June for us has always been a month of consecutive birthdays and mid-summer celebrations.

This year June was however even more special. We celebrated my husband’s 40th birthday with an overnight getaway just the two of us, a very rare luxury! My official MBA graduation ceremony was held at the university, which we finally also celebrated with friends and family. We decided to combine my graduation party and the twins third birthday, so it was one huge, fun party. My extended family welcomed a new baby, whom I have yet to meet! In addition to celebrations, we had doctor’s and dentist’s appointments for the twins, I had my last PTA meeting before the holidays, the kids’ evaluation discussions at daycare, etc. A lot of running around! We spent Midsummer’s eve traditionally at the summer house, where the kids and my husband spent a lot of time last month anyway.

What’s in store for July

July will be a lot of fun. Weather permitting, it means a lot of swimming and outside play, visits to the park, summer theater and amusement park. My priorities this month will be on spending time with the kids and focusing on myself.

As said, this month I have to make some big decisions about our future. They’re not easy decisions and require a lot of over-weighing the pros and cons. Our family will be facing a lot of changes and challenges in the coming months, and I need to prepare for them. Up top on the list are my health, my eldest starting preschool, career decisions on my behalf, etc. To be able to tackle all the challenges, I need to take my organization skills to a new level. I need to set up some new routines for us and update our weekly and monthly schedules.

In addition I have a mountain of practical things on my to-do list, some more fun than others. These include re-organizing and cleaning out the garage and walk-in closet, getting rid of old toys and clothes, redoing the girls bedroom.. I’ve also promised to sew new clothes for the girls and matching dresses for their dolls. Not only will I be de-cluttering and organizing our house, but also myself.

Focus on myself

A happy mom means happy children and a happy family. If I’m not well, no-one is. Whatever my mood or feelings, they reflect upon the entire family.

I constantly joke about how sleep deprived I am. The thing is, it’s got to the point where it’s simply not funny anymore. I live off of momentum and am a can do person, so it doesn’t really show, but it’s time to make drastic changes. I’m working on learning to sleep again. Having functioned on an average of 5-6 hours of sleep for the past years, it’s extremely difficult for me to sleep more.

It’s also time to get back to working out and a healthy life. I miss regular exercise so bad! My excuses for the last six months of lazying about are lame. There’s nothing justifiable. And not to mention my current eating habits! Oh my. I suffer from diastasis recti, which is not getting any better by indulging massive amounts of carbs and sugars. A good old carb overload and the next few days I look like I’m six months pregnant with a singleton.

When you combine lack of exercise, bad eating habits, sleep deprivation and being a full time stay at home mother.. To be fair, those factors describe the majority of moms.. In my case though, it’s starting to have a genuine impact on my well-being. And not to mention the bad example I set for my kids. Hence July, a month of focusing on me, not just for my sake, but for my family.

What do you have in store for this rocking beautiful summer month?

July means taking care of myself #monthlyplans #family #motherhood #wellbeing #sherocksabun



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